Smart Home on a camera

Smart Home by Starvedia - Our solution
Z-Wave gateway in a camera - All-in-one
Our cameras are no longer only IP cameras, they integrate a Z-Wave gateway and are able to control and manage your Z-Wave devices. You don’t need to get a camera and a Z-Wave gateway, our camera do both for you.
mCamViewZ+ - Our Smart Home App
With its intuitive design, our App will let you have the best usage and user experience of your smart camera. You will be able to easily configure and use all the innovative features provided by your camera.

Manage your Z-Wave devices
Adding, deleting and controlling Z-Wave devices has never been that easy. In just few taps on our App you can do basically anything you want with your Z-Wave devices. You can remotely control them and them to work together.
Create Rooms
You can create rooms and assign your Z-Wave devices and your other cameras to each of them for a better control of your house. You will be able to monitor and control all of the devices located in one room in just one tap.
Scene allows you to intuitively design small automation programs to get your Z-Wave devices to work together and automate your home.
Cloud Storage
Starvedia Smart Home solution provides a hosting solution on the Cloud for your video recordings. You can store your videos on your Dropbox account or on your personal NAS device. You will be able to access to your video recordings from anywhere.

Time-Lapse recording
With the Time-Lapse recording function, things that happened during days or even years in real time can be played back over just a few minutes. This function can be applied to many situations. You can easily capture beautiful footages of subtle events such as a flower blooming, an incubation process to record a construction process.

Multi-channel camera display
You have other IP cameras and you want to have access to them through our App, the multi-channel camera display let you add other cameras that compatible with our cameras and you will have a full access and control to them through a split screen view displaying 4 cameras at once.

What makes Z-Wave the best choice for Smart Home?   samrt home on a camera

Interoperability - High Compatibility
Z-Wave is a very unified protocol. Every Z-Wave devices certified by the Z-Wave alliance will be compatible with our Z-Cameras.
With Z-Wave, you don’t need to worry about the compatibility between devices. All certified Z-Wave devices will work with our cameras.

Low-Power - Energy saver
Z-Wave operate with a very low power consumption. This will allow your Smart Home solution to last a year without changing your devices battery.

Low latency - A fast protocol
Z-Wave is designed to provide reliable, low-latency transmission of small data packets at data rates up to 100kbit/s.

Mesh Network - Signal repeater
Z-Wave uses a source-routed mesh network architecture. Each Z-Wave device acts as a signal repeater.You won’t have to worry about the Z-Wave signal range.

Interference free - Wi-Fi waves won’t bother you
Z-Wave operates at 908.42Mhz. Unlike most of communication protocol, its frequency is very different from the Wi-Fi frequency which allows Z-Wave devices to be interference-free with Wi-Fi waves.
Being in an environment with plenty of Wi-Fi signals will no longer be a problem.

Time-Lapse Recording
All Starvedia Cameras have this revolutionary function. The camera will take one photo at the time interval you specify and once the recording is over, the camera will convert those photos into a Time-Lapse video.

This function can be applied to many aspects. You can easily capture beautiful footages of subtle events like a flower blooming, an incubation process or recording a construction process.
You can use this features to find out what your furry friend does all day while you’re gone. Our Time-Lapse recording range of application is only limited by your imagination.

Enabling the Time-Lapse Recording feature
You can easily enable the Time-Lapse Recording feature and watch your Time-Lapse videos via the App (mCamView & mCamView Z+) both on iOS and Android.
Once you’ve enabled this function, the Time-Lapse video will be stored in the SD card you inserted in the camera’s SD card slot.
The Time-Lapse recording will work independently from other recording functions.

Have the Time-Lapse video recordings that you want
The values of the Time Interval Range and the number frames per second (fps) are configurable. You can adjust these values to have the time-lapse video compliant with your needs.

The best way to capture your children growing up
The time-lapse recording feature captures months and even years of your life and makes a 3 mins long video out of it.
Probably the best way to record your children growing up days after days.

Cloud Storage
Starvedia Smart Home solution allow you to record and store your video recording on the Cloud either through your Dropbox account, the SD card inside the camera or even your NAS device.

The recording can be done continuously and under special conditions. You can ask your camera to record into your Dropbox account whenever someone open the door or even a smoke is detected by your Z-Wave smoke detector device. The Playback features will allow you to playback your recordings stored in your camera SD card, into your Dropbox account or into your NAS device.

Dropbox Storage

Having access to your recordings no matter where you are and share them with your family and friends, this is now possible with our Dropbox storage and playback functionality.

You can connect your camera with your Dropbox account in our App and your video recordings will be uploaded on Dropbox. You can choose either you want the camera to recording continuously or only under special condition when an event occurs.

NAS Storage

You have your own cloud storage solution and you want to use it to store your video recording, our solution provides a NAS storage and playback functionality.

Your smart camera will record the video into your NAS device either continuously or under special condition when an event occurs.

App on Mobile Devices
Our Smart Home Solution on a Camera comes with a super user-friendly App that we called mCamViewZ+.
mCamViewZ+ with its intuitive design will let you have the best usage and user experience of our smart cameras. You will be able to easily configure and use all the innovative features provided by our cameras such as the Cloud Storage, the Playback functions, the Z-Wave devices management and the video monitoring.

mCamViewZ+ is available for both smartphones and tablets for iOS and Android.

Live View Video Control - Remote access to your camera

You can view the video of your camera and have access to its control functions. Use the App to use the Pan/Tilt function, ring the alarm, talk to people around your camera or even start recording on your mobile device the video.

Multi-Channel Live View Control - Monitor everywhere

You can view and control other IP cameras compatible with our Z-Wave Cameras. Cameras are displayed in a 4 split screen layout per page. You can add as many cameras as you want.

Playback features - Replay your recordings

With our Playback features, your camera will be recording continuously or under special conditions either into the camera microSD card, into your Dropbox account or into your NAS devices. The App mCamViewZ+ will let you see these video recordings stored by date. You can have access to them from anywhere no matter where you are.

Time-Lapse recording - Your best monitoring tool

mCamViewZ+ lets you intuitively configure your Time-Lapse recording functionality and lets you see the generated Time-Lapse videos stored on the camera microSD card.

Z-Wave devices management - Manage your devices in one tap

Add your Z-Wave devices, manage and control them. You can control your devices individually or collectively. All devices of the same kind (switches, lamps, curtains) can be turned on or off simultaneously by just one tap on the App.

Scene Designer - Get an automated home

Major feature of mCamViewZ+, the Scene designer allows you to design very simply scenes to automate your home. You can create small automation programs. You will get all of your Z-Wave devices to work together and get your home to be smart and intelligent. For instance, you can turn on the music or the light whenever somebody has been detected by one of your devices. The only limit is your imagination.

Rooms management - Centralized control

You can create rooms to have a better control of your house. By assigning cameras and Z-Wave devices to your rooms, at a glance you will be able to monitor and control everything that’s going on inside on your rooms. You will be able to see your rooms status charts and control all of your Z-Wave devices assigned to your rooms.

Status Charts - Monitor your home status

You can view your home and rooms activity charts giving you information about the temperature, humidity, power consumption and luminance. You can define the Z-Wave sensor that you provide the information for each room.

Easy Wi-Fi Setup - Get the Setup done in one min

Unlike a lot of IP Cameras on the market, our cameras are very easy to set up. You only need to use your camera to scan the QR code containing your Wi-Fi information generated by mCamViewZ+ and that’s it. Setting up the wireless connection of an IP Camera has never been that easy.

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