Enjoy The Real Smart Home World


Voice Control

When you are driving, you will be able to talk to your mobile to unlock the door for your kids if they forget to bring the key back home. You could turn on the TV and air conditioner by giving voice commands when you are carrying something. You can even switch the room to romantic mode at the right moment. The system works with Amazon Alexa and Google Home.


The system will make you feel safe when you are away from your house. The camera is monitoring and will start recording if something happens. It will also notice you when someone breaks into your house, when the smoke is detected, and when the bathroom or basement floods.

Peace of Mind

When the postman presses the doorbell, you will get notified and are able to remotely open the door for him or ask him to leave the package at the front door. When your kids stay at home, you could monitor and get notified if something happens in your house. You are confident as if you are at home.


The lights, air conditioner, and TV in your house will be automatically turned on when you arrive home. The lawn will be sprinkled when the moisture sensor detects it’s too dry. The curtains, lights, and music will be turned on when you wake up. The house will be switched to alarm mode when you leave the house.


The system is self-expandable when new devices or new features are added in the market. You will be able to upgrade the App and firmware to keep expanding your system and application.


With the Z-Wave certification, the system is compatible with more than 3,000 pieces of Z-Wave devices in the market. This makes you confident that the system is up to the future.

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