• UCindy Lin
  • P2016-04-21
StarVedia IC722z honored Top of Excellence Award in 2016 SMAHome competition
Top of Excellence: IC722z

After being selected previously to be among the best Taiwan-made products from companies of various industries participating in this year’s competition. the final result of “SMAHome Awards 2016” just came out these days. The final result has finally come out on April 20: Merely 6 items have been selected and StarVedia IC722z Full HD Z-wave IP Camera is honored with the most prestigious Top of Excellence Award.

The criteria of this SMAHome competition is based on the R&D, design and quality. The winners of the most prestigious prize - Top of Excellence Award represent the most overall outstanding performances among those criteria, which means having the highest level in product innovation value, customer -oriented and technology strength.

As the biggest winner for SMAHome Award 2016, STARVEDIA will continue to create the best user experience that will improve every aspect of your life in fashionable design.

SMAhome Award 2016 Winners:
Top of Excellence: IC722z Full HD Z-wave IP Camera by StarVedia Technology Inc. (About IC722).....

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  • UCindy Lin
  • P2015-11-17
Product Introduction: StarVedia IC731z Smart Home Kit
StarVedia Smart Combot Kits

  • Consists of an IP camera with built-in smart home gateway, Z-Wave power plug and a Z-Wave 4-in-1 sensor (PIR, door/window sensor, temperature sensor and illumination sensor)

  • Supports 64G microSD card, Dropbox Cloud Storage (2G free storage space) and NAS recording for data backup

  • Two-Way audio with internal speaker

  • Wi-Fi: 802.11n with WPS support

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    • UWeili Lin
    • P2015-06-02
    Six d&i Award-Winning Products Related to Smart Home at Computex Taipei 2015
    StarVedia IC731z Z-wave Camera
      StarVedia IC731z – Pan/Tilt Z-Wave IP camera

      Starvedia IP camera offers not only security but also a modern lifestyle. It is compatible with all those Z-Wave devices to control lights, temperature, door locks, blinds, security sensors, music and even coffee machines. The camera, supporting 320-degree pan and 90-degree tilt, features Z-Wave controller, dual-lens, zoom, Dropbox storage, SD card recording, two-way audio, motion detector and thermometer.....

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    • UChad Yang
    • P2015-01-29
    StarVedia: A Software-savvy Solution Company
    StarVedia Smart Home Camera

      Created by StarVedia, the IP camera integrates a number of innovative technologies aimed to enhance camera performance by means other than purely improving processor power.

      In order to reduce actual hardware volume for cost-efficiency and easier integration, Wi-Fi connectivity is implemented on the camera board itself, rather than as a separate module. To further reduce form factor, and to improve hardware stability and durability, instead of utilizing mechanical IR-Cut filtering (ICR) to.....

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    • UEditorial Department
    • P2014-11-21
    Made-in-Taiwan Smart Home Story
    MIT Brightens the Smart Home Future

      Do you know? The world famous Nest thermostat, Dropcam and among several other connected-home products are actually the fruits of cooperation between Taiwan's original makers and those leading brands. Thanks to our prominent IT and networking background backed by years of experience, the island is marching in full gear towards the smart home arena, shining under the spotlight.

      The article “MIT Brightens the Smart Home Future” provides a backgrounder of Taiwan’s exclusive seat on the world’s smart home bandwagon and the role for which the island’s makers play a big part.....

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    • ULingo Lin
    • P2014-11-18
    MIT brightens the smart home future - PART 3
    MIT Brightens the Smart Home Future

      “I would use cooking as a metaphor for the paradigm shift in Taiwan's tech industry. In the past, local manufacturers were all about making the ingredients regardless of flavor or appeal. But today, things have changed. Now we are moving toward designing the complete menu and choosing the right recipes,” said Dr. Chen of Skywatch.

      Adding value through creativity is an area where Taiwan excels, he said, emphasizing that such value can only shine through when the product treats the overall user experience as the top priority.

      Founded in 2011, Skywatch Innovation is a solution provider of surveillance products and services that include fully integrated, plug-and-play.....

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    • ULingo Lin
    • P2014-11-17
    MIT brightens the smart home future - PART 2
    MIT Brightens the Smart Home Future

      Cloud computing is a key contributor in innovative application towards the internet of things (IoT). This trend is gradually taking form, which will bring forth new challenges for enterprises in business models and innovations.

      StarVedia president Jeffrey Wu explained that the IoT is the next stage of evolution for information and communications technology (ICT), and that Taiwan’s cloud service capability will put it ahead of its competitors.

      StarVedia currently offers one-stop-shop for OEM and ODM (GUI and back-end infrastructure.) The company is launching its own “YesCam” brand in a bid to tap into the Chinese market.....

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    • ULingo Lin
    • P2014-11-14
    MIT brightens the smart home future - PART 1
    MIT Brightens the Smart Home Future

      The global smart home has really hit its stride. Even the big boys – Google, Apple and Samsung – are all head over heels looking to make a statement. According to a study released by Juniper Research, the smart home market will reach a staggering $71 billion by 2018.

      Besides waterproof, the company demonstrates its Temperature Alarm System (TAS) to offer intelligent surveillance for homes and stores. For example.....

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