Warranty & RMA
27 months limited hardware warranty
  • StarVedia provides 27 months limited warranty for the hardware products
  • Download 27 Months limited hardware warranty

  • Product RMA(Return Material Authorizaton) Procedure
    1. Initial Screening of Units by purchaser
    It is the responsibility of the purchaser to perform initial screening of the product unit and/or accessories to ensure there are no false "Faults" and that the unit has not exceeded the warranty period or was not damaged by means of improper use before returning to StarVedia.

    2. RMA Request
    When the purchaser has accumulated 10 defective units, purchaser will contact StarVedia at the following email address to request for an RMA number. The request should contain the following information:
  • Purchaser's contact person
  • Address
  • Telephone and Fax Number
  • Email Address
  • Quantity of units (minimum of 10 units)
  • StarVedia product units serial numbers

  • 3. Issuance of RMA Number
    StarVedia will issue an RMA number to purchaser within 3 working days of receipt of request. This number is to be referenced in all communication relating to the RMA shipment it is associated with.
    The units will be sent back as product units only. It is not necessary that the original packaging and other content (cable, power adapter, etc.) be included unless the packaging and/or other contents are defective as well. A sheet describing the contents(cable, power adapter, etc.) of each individual unit is attached in each unit. The products should be individually packed in "bubble bag" wrapping or equivalent to ensure units are not damaged during shipment.

    4. Shipment of RMA Units to StarVedia

    STEP 1
    The markings "RMA Number" and "To the attention of the RMA Coordinator" should be clearly marked on the outside portion of the package when shipping the RMA units to StarVedia.

    STEP 2
    Shipping the units to:
    StarVedia Technology Inc.

    5F.-6, No.38, Taiyuan St., Jhubei City, Hsinchu County 302, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

    Telephone No.:
    Fax No.:
    Email Address:

    NOTICE:The purchaser shall bear the shipping costs for returning defective units.

    STEP 3
    Once units are shipped, an email stating the RMA number should be sent to providing:

  • Details of shipment

  • A description of the defect of each unit (minimum requirements are failure mode and serial number of each unit)

  • 5. Replacement of Defective Units
    When RMA units are received at StarVedia, following procedures will take place:

    1. Products will be reset to factory default and tested to determine if the product is defective. If the support specialist determines that the product is functional, it will be shipped back to the purchaser with a document indicating the outcome.
    2. Initial screening where StarVedia will determine:

  • Whether units are under warranty or warranty is exceeded.
  • Whether the damage to the unit was caused by the custome through improper use.
  • Verification of failure mode including damage because of improper handling/packaging when shipping to purchaser (supported by photos).
  • When a unit is determined to be out of warranty or was damaged by means of improper use, StarVedia will notify the purchaser before proceeding.
  • 3. Logging of fail information in the RMA database (this database shall be maintained by StarVedia for purchaser to access).
    4. Preparation and ship out of repaired or replaced units to the purchaser.
    5. Confirmation shall be sent to purchaser via email with the details of warranty replacement units (description, serial numbers, and quantity).

    StarVedia shall ensure that replacements for defective units be received by purchaser within twenty-one (21) days of receipt of RMA units. Shipping costs for replacement units shipped to purchaser shall be borne by StarVedia, but the shipping costs of the units out of warranty or damaged by improper use will be borne by purchaser.

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