Guide of Alexa Setup
1. Alexa Setup
A. On mobile, open the Amazon Alexa App

B. On computer, open Amazon Alexa Setup Page

C. Log in with your Amazon account of your Amazon “Echo” or “Echo dot”
2. Enable Skill
A. Go to settings

B. Click “Skills”

C. Search “CameraGW”

D. Click “Enable Skill”

3. Log in your Z-Wave Camera
A. Make sure your Z-Wave camera gateway is connected to the Internet

B. Enter the “Camera ID”, “Admin account” and “Admin password” of your Z-Wave camera gateway

C. Click “SIGN IN”

4. Discover Devices
2 ways to discover devices:

1. Click “Discover Devices” on the Amazon Alexa App

2. Or say: “Alexa, discover devices”

5. Instructions – Device/Scene Control
1. On/Off command

Alexa, 【turn/switch】 + 【on/off】 + 【Z-Wave device name】

Ex: Alexa, turn on bulb.

2. Percent command

Alexa, 【set】 + 【Z-Wave device name】 to 【0~100】 percent

Ex: Alexa, set bulb to 80%.

3. Temperature control command

Alexa, set +【Z-Wave device name】 to 【19~28】 degrees

Ex: Alexa, set air conditioner to 25 degrees.

4. Do the Action in THEN of the scene

Alexa, 【turn/switch】 on + 【Scene name】

Ex: Alexa, turn on wake up scene.

6. Notice
1. If the Z-wave camera’s admin username or password is changed, please disable and then enable the skill again.

2. If any Z-Wave device is renamed or added, please do “Discover Devices” again.

3. Please avoid using “Play” and “Music” as the device’s or scene’s name.

4. Because of security concern, door lock and garage gate cannot be controlled by Alexa, only devices of Light / Switch / Plug / Dimmer / Curtain / Siren / Thermostat / AC IR extender can be controlled by Alexa.

5. Cannot say turn/switch off + scene name.

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