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The StarVedia mobile app, available for iOS, Android, and iPad devices, offers a wide range of features for users to monitor and control their StarVedia IP cameras conveniently. The app provides options for local and remote recording, playback, scheduled recording, Dropbox integration, two-way audio, pan/tilt control, and push notifications.

  • Set up the camera plug and play via QR code: The StarVedia IP camera app streamlines the camera setup process with its innovative QR code-based plug and play feature. Simply scan the QR code on the ID/password card with your mobile device, and the app will automatically setup the camera for you. To setup the WiFi, the App will help to generate the QR code of the SSID/password of the WiFi router, the camera could scan the QR coed to setup the WiFi connection automatically. This time-saving feature eliminates complicated manual configurations, allowing you to effortlessly set up your security system.StarVedia cameras use push notifications to instantly alert users on their mobile devices when an event is detected. This feature is highly beneficial for real-time monitoring, allowing users to promptly respond to any suspicious activity. The camera sends a notification directly to the user's smartphone or tablet through the StarVedia mobile app, ensuring that they are always informed, no matter where they are.

  • View the camera via ID and password: Security and privacy are paramount with the StarVedia IP camera app. By requiring an ID and password for access, the app ensures that your security feed remains protected. Once you input your unique ID and password, you can view your camera's live feed directly on your mobile device, giving you the ability to monitor your property from any location and at any time.

  • Local Recording and Playback: The StarVedia mobile app allows users to record footage directly on their mobile devices. This feature is particularly useful for capturing important events or incidents in real-time. Users can also access and playback the locally stored footage within the app, making it easy to review and share videos as needed.

  • SD Card/NAS Remote Playback and Fast Forward: StarVedia IP cameras can store recorded footage on SD cards or network-attached storage (NAS) devices. The mobile app enables users to remotely access and playback this footage from their smartphones or tablets. Additionally, the app supports fast-forwarding through video recordings, allowing users to quickly review footage and locate specific events or incidents.

  • Scheduled Recording: The scheduled recording feature in the StarVedia mobile app allows users to set specific time periods for recording. This functionality helps conserve storage space and ensures that the camera is recording during crucial periods, such as when the property is unoccupied. Users can customize the recording schedule according to their preferences, providing flexibility and tailored security monitoring.

  • Dropbox Recording and Playback: The StarVedia mobile app integrates with Dropbox, a popular cloud storage service, to provide users with another option for storing and accessing recorded footage. Users can configure their cameras to automatically upload recordings to their Dropbox account, ensuring that footage is backed up and easily accessible from any device. The mobile app also allows users to playback videos stored in their Dropbox account, offering seamless access to their video archives.

  • Two-Way Audio: The two-way audio feature in the StarVedia mobile app enables users to communicate directly with individuals near the camera, using the camera's built-in microphone and speaker. This functionality can be particularly useful for remote communication, deterring potential intruders, or checking on family members or pets. The mobile app makes it easy to initiate and maintain two-way audio communication, providing users with an added layer of security and convenience.

  • Pan/Tilt Control: Some StarVedia IP cameras come equipped with pan and tilt capabilities, allowing users to adjust the camera's field of view remotely. The mobile app provides an intuitive interface for controlling these functions, enabling users to change the camera's orientation with a simple swipe or tap on their mobile device. This feature ensures that users can monitor their property effectively, even when they are not physically present.

  • Push Notification: The StarVedia mobile app utilizes push notifications to keep users informed of any events detected by their IP cameras. When an event is detected, such as motion or sound, the app sends a notification directly to the user's smartphone or tablet, ensuring they are always aware of what is happening on their property. This real-time alert system enables users to respond quickly to potential security threats and maintain a higher level of safety and awareness.

  • The StarVedia mobile app for iOS, Android, and iPad devices offers a comprehensive suite of features that make managing and monitoring StarVedia IP cameras simple and efficient. With options for local and remote recording, scheduled recording, Dropbox integration, two-way audio, pan/tilt control, and push notifications, users can enjoy a high level of control and convenience when it comes to their security needs.

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